July 9, 2009

Things I overheard that make me cry for humanity

A friend visiting me and I went Lincoln Park Zoo to see all the pretty animals.  We were looking at the bats and ignoring the families near us.  There are some cone-shaped pieces that hide the water bottles for the bats.  It's not obvious at first but after a while you see a bat partake in a swig and your curiosity is fed.  

Of course you speculate at first, and this one mother with a couple of small kids had this theory:

"Maybe that's where they lay their eggs."


Quick Biology review: Bats are mammals.  Mammals have live births.  There are no eggs involved.  

Obviously, some people need to go back to junior high science class. 

1 comment:

  1. Jr. High? Sounds like she needs one of those soft baby books with a huge "B is for BAT" drawings.