July 13, 2009

Vikings are protecting my bedroom!

A while ago I got a present for being in my alma mater's Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I was Eddie all four years there.  I know, dedication.  Anyway this was the present for singing Hot Patootie for all that time:


I love Playmobil.  And I find Vikings awesome.  Best combo ever.  I received this onstage and I began jumping up and down.  The great thing is the people shopping for this had no idea what to get me, so they figured this was cool enough.  They had good instincts.  Look at that fort!  Look at how cool that fort is in that picture!

This is the main soldier.  I gave him the big ol' axe.  Suits him well.

The box wants me to give this guy the big axe, but he is so obviously a shaman so I gave him the staff.  He's praying to protect the fort.

And if worse comes to worse...
they are prepared to defend!  

These dudes are near my bedside.  I can fall asleep easier these days.

1 comment:

  1. they kept me awake at night with their relentless staring. also some kind of chanting from the shaman i think.