July 5, 2009

Return from Strasbourg, France!

Hello everyone.

I'm back in the states and I have to say I am glad to be home.  I can't wait to get back into blogging and figuring out what's ahead of me, especially since I'm unemployed.  

My schedule in France was pretty packed so I didn't get a chance to see if there was a lot to do nerd wise.  However, while getting acclimated to the area I did see some things that were nerdy.

The first thing was at a museum that had art works from the 12th to 16th century.  A lot of it was statutes, reliefs from cathedrals, and things of that nature.  However, there was also this!
Doesn't that look like dice on a rope?  I didn't take note of what it's purpose was, but I did kind of want to take it home.  Didn't happen though.

And then I stumbled upon this place on the way to the museum.
Didn't realize miniatures were big in France.

I'll soon be back on schedule with regular blogging.  Thanks for checking in everyone!

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