January 27, 2010

The iPad: An experiment in super-sizing

Proptart and I just looked at this article about the iPad, and I do mean JUST looked at.  We had heard the rumors about an Apple tablet coming out.  We were a little excited about it.

Not so much anymore.

Well, first of all, take a look at it:

Does it look familiar?  Well it should, because it's essentially the bigger cousin of this:

That's right, the new iPad is a larger iPhone.  It comes with all the apps and interface of an iPhone or iPod touch, except it's BIGGER.

Okay, I'll give credit when credit is due, it also does some iWork stuff that is really useful... if you're in an office that uses iWork.  Which, I'm not.

Maybe it's just me, but when I heard rumor of a tablet, I thought of someting that would be more suseful for graphic design, which is something that Proptart would find very useful.  Being able to have a touch interface with Photoshop or possibly just being able to write down notes in class would be ridiculously useful for the average mac user.

This... is just a PDA that I can't fit in my pocket.

I know some of you that keep up with me know that a mac user without being a rabid Mac fan.  Anyone who follows a company blindly is waiting for disappointment in my opinion.  And this is one of those times.  This isn't revolutionary, this isn't an improvement on something that has a lot of potential, this isn't even that "fun" looking.  It's just a huge touch screen wannabe laptop.  It's not even a wannabe laptop. 

I can see this being useful in some settings where touch screens need to be accessible to the public, or firms where certain apps could be used internally.  But I think that use is kind of limited.  Me personally?  I'm sticking to the standard issue laptop.


  1. Right on! I thought I was alone with my who cares attitude. Thanks for not kissing Apple arse.

  2. It's just an overpriced piece of electronics that doesn't do half the stuff you want it to, kind of like the rest of apple's stuff.