January 21, 2010

PUMPED! Frog Sings Queen

I've been busy with back to back openings of shows at my job, but things have been going well.  If any of you are in the Chicago area in April, you may get a chance to see my show being WORKSHOPPED!

That's right, a play I wrote is getting workshopped by an awesome director at my theatre.  For someone who would like to become a writer, it's nice to know at age 23 someone thinks your work has the potential to be made into amazing.  That's the hope with this workshop--that I can find a good direction to go in with this specific piece of work.  I'm super excited.

Also career-wise things look like they'll have a bright future right now.

Also, in general my life hasn't been sucking too much.

In celebration of life in general, I am celebrating with this video: Frog sings Queen

How can you not love it? It has frogs, video game sprites, and Queen! Oh, and Kirby!

I hope all you readers out there have something awesome to celebrate.

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