January 5, 2010


I realize that I haven't been posting enough about RPGs, or specifically running them. I don't know what's wrong, but I recently haven't been as inspired as I usually am to run a game.  Maybe it's because I haven't bought myself a new RPG or maybe it's because I've been focusing on my trilogy when it comes to my creative outlet.  But it feels like there's something lacking.

On my other blog I've mentioned that I would like to do some experiments involving running games.  But I can't find myself thinking of a story for other people to become a part of.

There was a time last year where every week you could see me DMing at school.  I do miss that.  Gaming in person is so much fun.  Seeing the reaction on people's faces is FANTASTIC.  But I don't have a story that I think has the same engaging qualities that my previous campaign did.

I hope that campaign isn't a once in a lifetime thing.  Maybe it is.  I really hope not.  I hope I haven't already acheived GMing gold by age 23.  That would be kind of sad.

Well, I'm working on thinking of something to run on Google Wave, so I can do that experiment.  Just the question is... what the heck is it going to be?


  1. I think it's a seasonal thing. No one in my happy little circle is really feeling it either for the last few months.

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