July 19, 2010

Glare Con--Totally worth it

I spent this entire last weekend LARPing like a fool.  And totally worth it.  Sure, sleep was lost and food consumption wasn't the best for my health, but damn is was worth it.

I'm not going to go about it day by day, but I will go by venue.  So:

The only venue where having a completely insane character is respected.  For those of you who don't know, the concept is that you play a character who was kidnapped by a Fae, who are striking and powerful but completely lacking in empathy or compassion and are truly selfish.  Your character was kidnapped to be a slave of some sort and changed magically, and has escaped back to a culture of others like you: changelings.  In this game I play a juvenile 18 year  old woman who has an oedipus complex (no, I don't mean elektra, I mean oedipus) and acts like an 8 year old.
It was the Olympics for the region, including a chess match where there was one on one combat.  Hallie didn't realize it could get violent, so she went out of her way to be a chess piece.  She helped the team leader assemble the rest of the chess pieces, got a bunch of super powers temporarily added to her... and her team lost in one match due to a power that has nothing to do with combat.  She was sad, then proceeded to get scared by a super depressing changeling named Henry.  She has decided that if she think she'll see him, she's giving him something happy to counteract the sad.

I didn't want to play my mage character (I've been in a funk about her) but I decided to NPC during mage.  I was told to be a gypsy and help the characters tell their stories during the day.  And I tried.  However, when the setting is a strange island in the middle of nowhere with a strange temple that half of the characters had dreamt about.  They weren't all in a mood for talking to random gypsies.  They were mostly talking to their orders and investigating.  We even had a tavern and alcohol and the only people truly interested were guys that decided to flirt in ridiculous ways.  Some of it worked in character, and some of it didn't.   Note to nerd guys: hallucinations of orgasms do not impress the ladies.
When they had a second day of it we were rendered unnecessary because most players decided to bite the plot.  So it was slow at the end, but fun overall.

My character, Ellen, was able to miss most of the plot, but she overheard some stuff involving her home city, and now knows of a couple blood-hunts on people.  I think the most important thing that happened is that Ellen made some contacts and deals with people she wouldn't have had an opportunity to otherwise.  She met some pretty cool people from her fellow clan (genetic line), she got some ideas on how to expand her heroine trade (she figures what's the point of legal businesses that get taxed when you're a being that shouldn't exist), and is continuing to figure out her niche in Vampire society.  I also met some people who are pretty cool in general and hope to see them at other events.

I think my favorite part was meeting a ton of cool people who played cool characters.  LARPing gets a bad rep sometimes, but at least in the Camarilla its an extremely social atmosphere that is always open to new fun people.  Sure, not all of the are great, but when 90% are you know you're in a good group.

Finally, a good friend of mine showed me this video during the last night of Glare.  I wish to share it all with you.

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