July 27, 2010

Battleship movie?!

Everyone remembers the board game Battleship, right?  You guess where your opponent has placed their ships in hopes of sinking their entire fleet.  A description can be found here, though it focuses more on the pen and paper version.  Most people know the the Milton Bradley board game version pictured below.

So now they're going to make a movie based on this.  Part of me thinks this is a horrible idea.  Why?  Well, according to this article, the whole movie is going to be in space.  So instead of flying around shooting each other, we get boring bomb launches in outer space.  Space is three dimensional fighting!  It's not meant to have stagnent ships!  

Also, Rihanna is starring in it.  Nothing against Rihanna... but I hope her acting is better than her singing.  You think she sings well?  Have you heard her without autotune?  No?  No one has.  Anyway, there are some other nerdy stars there, but this project... this sounds like a cheese fest waiting to happen.  And unlike Snakes on a Plane, there's isn't an actor on the project smart enough to make the cheese factor work for them.

Once again Hollywood will ruin a small part of my childhood.

Though to be honest I will probably be dragged into watching the movie with some friends anyway.  That's how I got dragged into every other movie I had serious doubts about.

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  1. Yeah. I friend of mine has read the script for his job. I don't know about the "being in space" thing, but he said its essentially "the Navy vs. aliens." And the phrase "you sank my battleship!" of course appears.