August 2, 2010

Recap, Session 1: Meeting (most of) the team

I have decided to post the recaps of my D&D sessions on the blog!  It encourages me to write on the blog a little more, about more than just video games (I'm always afraid this blog talks too much about video games) and it's also a great way to keep track about what happened in the campaign.  I find that as the DM you have to remember what happens in a campaign a lot, partially because your players won't remember the things they need to know later on.  At the same time, as a DM you want to keep some info to yourself before the PCs find it out.  Blabbing would be bad.  So recaps are my solution.


Feel like I have to post that just in case there are some thieves amongst you honest readers.  Sorry.

Roto, Atreyu, and Escrow (names maybe mispelled) first met each other on an overcast winter day in the Hughes Estate, home to Councilaman Fox Hughes, and his wife, Danancia.  Danacia actually greeted them, a strange sight with her violet hair and a halo over her head, along with being very pregnant.  She greeted the PCs since her husband was busy.  She explained that the Cornwellian Kingdom was concerned of reports of the Yuan-ti starting with organized attacks in the Unconquered Lands, south and west of the Cornwellian sovereign land Ashland.  They would be working for King Franklin Cornwell directly, and were told that the next night they would swear their allegiance with him.

The three decided to try out some of the not so prestigious faire and entertainment, so all three took a visit the the Jolly Hallow, an inn that is really a dirty brothel.  Escrow, a druid dwarf, decided to get information from some of the whores. Atreyu, a secretive half-elf, decided to enjoy the inn.  Cleric of a lesser known god Roto left early out of displeasure of the situation.  Roto and Escrow did join the Hughes for dinner, and only Roto spent the night in the Hughes guest house while Escrow and Atreyu spent the night at the Jolly Hallow, not participating in the obvious extracurriculars.

The next evening the three went to a small affair with King Franklin, his family, the councilman and their families.  All three swore to serve the Cornwellian Kingdom, and enjoyed the evening with great conversation and dancing.

Next day in the morning the PCs used one of the King's Teleport Mavericks to get to Ashland, and after meeting up with their contact in the Greeting's Inn, where they met Samsana, former Yuan-ti fighting partner with Danacia.  She said that she needed to be able to sneak by and see what's going on deeper in the Dangerous Range, where the Yuan-ti are now.  They have been attack her people and their tribes, and now the attacks are more organized than the ones years before.  The PCs were asked to distract the thugs on the road from Samsana sneaking past them, and then investigating a base not far off.  They decided to start the next morning.

Finally, the day of actual kicking butt began.  When they got to the road, Samsana stayed behind to let the PCs serve as the distraction.  And in the midst of a battle where animals were summoned and arrows were shot, things were not as they seemed.  Most seemed like local thugs, but one seemed to have powers that none of the party could recognize...

And then we realized the library was closing so we had to stop in the middle of battle.  Luckily I have graph paper recording how we left it.  The next session is next week, where we will hopefully have more people and be able to introduce more players to the game.  This is going to be an interesting campaign, and I'm pretty excited to see where it goes.  You readers will of course be hearing more about this.  


  1. You posted that I slept at both the Hughe's estate and the Jolly Hollow.. Prolly not important, just pointing it out :)

  2. Re: Intellectual Property

    There is a good (and easy) way to assert rights to your content; put a Creative Common license statement in the sidebar.

  3. Thanks! I'll definitely put that on the sidebar before the next recap (which is coming soon!)