August 24, 2010

Mary-Sues? In my web comic?!?!

I have just stumbled upon a hilarious comic called Ensign Sue Must Die by Clare Moseley and Kevin Bolk.  It makes fun of the prolific use of Mary Sues in fanfiction on the internet.  Don't know what a Mary Sue is?  Well first look at the wiki article, and then go to and read a fair number of tales based on super popular franchises.  Mary Sue is a term first coined from a satirical Star Trek story, but they are ridiculously prevalent in a number of fandoms.  When I was in high school, the one was Pirates of the Caribbean.  I'm sure right now Avatar and the new Star Trek movie are being mercilessly ravaged with self-insertions of perfect characters who solve anything.

Oh don't think I'm being too judgmental.  I did it too.  I did it with the original series of Star Trek.  Her name was Amelia, she was McCoy's niece, Chekov's love interest, and a 17 year old Starfleet nurse who was raised on a ship by her captain father.  I at least had the forethought to not make her save the day all the time.  No, instead she was the reason the ship got in trouble.  In fact, if she did have a flaw it was that she ALWAYS was the reason things went to hell.  She should've been kicked off the Enterprise because she was a walking flight risk.

I feel ill just thinking about this horrible writing.

Anyway, this webcomic reminds me of the days when me and my friends would write self-insertions and pass them around and get all giddy about the cutesy parts.  Here's a sample of the hilarity.

Enjoy!  It's got a cute story arch and everything!  And it's now in a book.  Support making fun of Mary Sues everywhere and buy it!

I will when my new job gets sorted out.  That's right!  I have a new job!  *dances*

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