August 9, 2010

Recap, Session 2: All together now

Hey all!  Even though I'm trying to do only the first and third weekend of the week for game, I decided to do the first weekend of August so that way we can get the schedule going.

And Dan Eastwood mentioned this, so I don't have to put an annoying IP announcement up!  This of course applies to the work I put into making the campaign:

When we last left Roto, Atreyu and Escrow they were in the midst of battle with a gang of men blocking the road with arbitrary tolls.  The PCs decided that kicking their asses into shape was the right step, and noticed one exhibiting powers that were not spells, but seemed to be magic. Unfortunately that one got away when the fight was over, along with another man.  They saved one of the fighters from death to get info, and then decided to let him free after they scared him enough.  The trudged along and found the base that Samsana had mentioned.  Two Yuan-ti battled them (one with snakes for arms), but fell.  Trying to question one proved fruitless, and so they killed him for being uncooperative.  The three searched the base, and discovered a secret room to a basement.  In this basement was a chest full of silver and copper that was guarded by a viper.  Escrow talked the viper away from the chest, and after splitting the spoils of war they found a couple letters that seemed to be en route.  Both shared interesting information, but was not sure as to whom each letter was intended.

Meanwhile, the King had hired two more adventures to the group.  Bram was a well adventured professional, a Maenad from their native island.  Dreamatar is a local teamster who has a plethora of useful contacts through his work.  The two had a formal dinner with King Franklin and his family, where they proved to be at least civil enough to work for the crown.

When Roto, Atreyu and Escrow returned they were introduced to their new team members and all awaited to here their next mission.  In the meantime, Dreamatar asked Escrow to use his very recent contacts to obtain a whore from the Jolly Hallow and buy her outright.  After Escrow was succesful in this endeavor, meeting a very strange but seemingly important figure at the Jolly Hallow, Dreamatar explained to the new hireling Jezabel what was and wasn't expected of her.

With that finished, the PCs embarked on their next mission in the northern part of the Cornwellian Kingdom, in the duchy of Garrison.  Immediately they were led through the snow covered plains to the underground domain of the Dromites, small ant-like people who have a hive structure in their subterranean home.  Recent expansions in their hive has caused some strange events to happen.  Workers and dromites living near the site have inexplicably become paralyzed with fear and had many paranoid delusions.  Three of the workers from the site were missing.  Dreamatar gathered some miners to continue some work (in hopes of evening the odds), and the party waited in the small rooms, knowing the incident would happen again.

Within a couple hours the miners were fearful and ran away from the site, and with a perfectly laid trap outside a suspicious hole, they caught one of the creatures and proceeded to shred it to bits.  Atreyu recognized it as a meenlock, and relayed what little information in his dungeoneering research he had discovered.  Quickly, Escrow stone shaped the small hole so the entire party could get through.   Dreamatar had a short, telepathic conversation with them and from that decided the best course of action was to fight.  While he, along with Atreyu and Bram, began to fight with the ones that did not disappear with simple Dimension Door spells, Escrow and Roto began to have thoughts of diplomacy.  Escrow merely walked away from battle, but Roto decided to cast Calm Emotions on the party in hopes of facilitating peaceful talks.  Melee ended quickly thereafter, with an argument following.  Should the meenlocks be killed outright, or are the dromites expanding into the rightful home of the meenlocks?  Roto and Escrow wish to talk things out, Atreyu and Bram wish to defend the dromites from hostile outsiders.


It was a crazy session this Saturday, with the group in full force and a lot of people anxious to show how awesome their characters were.  We'll see if they destroy the meenlocks outright or not.  Of course, that's not the only thing I have in store for them come next session... what?  I'm not that devious.

Most of the time.  

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