August 10, 2010

Left 4 Dead is a team game, people!

I've recently been getting my zombie-killing fix via the online games for Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam.  I love the game a lot, and I only play with my LAN group at most once a week (less since they're not always up for an undead apocalypse like I am) so I decided to try the online stuff.  Amazingly my wireless recently started kicking butt so I can play it in my room without hinderance.

Half the games I play are ridiculously fun.  If you get online at the right time you can be playing with some people who know the game and love it for the same reasons.  I'm totally in it for the team work as well as the shooting up zombies.  It's also a lot more fun for me since I suck at PvP games like Call of Duty.

The other half are full of selfish players with no thought of the team whatsoever.

I can understand wanting to be "that awesome dude" in a lot of other games.  Call of Duty and Counterstrike have been doing that for years.  There will always be games with that goal.  Left 4 Dead is NOT one of them.

The worst part is when it's the last scene of the map, you're at the crescendo when everything is rushing at you, and you're team is ready to go and that ONE JERK decides to fuck you all over and leave you behind.  The thing is in that game you cannot win alone in the entire level.  So essentially you used teamwork all this time and this one dude (or dudette) ditches you all to be the lone survivor, and then shoves it in your face.

I will say that this is easy to avoid if you get a bunch of people you know well enough online that actually play the game the way you want to play.  I'm slowly accumulating Steam names of people who I actually think are fun to play with, and over time it'll be easier.

But dammit, those ditchers piss me off!

On another note, if you'd like to join me on Steam for some zombie killing, my handle is of course d20sapphire.

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