August 23, 2010

Recap, Session 3: Foes Small and Large

Let's just get to nitty-gritty, shall we?  And again, for anything pertaining to the world I have created:

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After ending last session divided, the PCs discussed not only how to conduct spells on each other (preferably not without permission), but what should they do to the meenlocks.  Starting last session with a common goal, they finally decided to destroy the meenlocks and make sure they did not come back to the dromites.  With stone shapes it took them two days to finally see where the meenlocks had finally ended up.  Escrow and Roto jumped in first, only to be paralyzed by the creatures.  Luckily, the rest of the group rallied and killed a good number of the foes, especially Bram with his psionic shredding crystals, causing the rest of them to run away.

Some investigation of the space revealed another room with a slain Dromite, which looked as though it was taking on some meenlock qualities.  The group followed the meenlock tracks for some time until the trail was completely lost.  Feeling that the threat to at least the dromites was gone, the PCs returned the next day to the Capital of the Cornwellian Kingdom.  Dreamatar brought with him some new dromite workers for his new plot of land, Roto wrote a report of his faith for Councilman Pullman (councilor of Religious Affairs) and Atreyu decided to pursue research on these creatures, in hopes of understanding them in case they came back.

In the middle of the day, Atreyu was told to assemble his team immediately to a disturbance that was happening in the royal  tombs.  As swiftly as possible everyone was found and ran over to the tomb to see 3 minotaurs running amok.  The PCs did some swift justice, killing two and saving one that had passed out.  And then the horrifying discovery: the tomb of the founding King of the land had been raided and left empty.  Atreyu immediately told the situation to Councilman Hughes, who told him he'd reconvine with the team possibly for witness statements later.  Questioning the lone Minotaur took a while, since Dreamatar decided to let out his anger on the beast with random blows.  Atreyu was finally able to get out that he and his brothers had been hired to merely make a ruckus.  All he could tell was that his employers were from the desert.  The day ended with research, questions, and some old fashioned government cover-up.


The PCs are slowly getting toward the meat and potatoes of the world, but they haven't discovered what a delicious buffet it is yet.  I'm excited to see where the investigating leads them.  

In other news, I don't know when the next session is going to be considering the first weekend of September is Labor day weekend.  Will there be game?  Who knows.

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