July 12, 2010

RPG weekend!

Fantastic weekend of nerd goodness.  It's not going to be as intense as next weekend, when I will be attending GLARE Con, one of the many regional conventions for LARPing goodness run by White Wolf's Camarilla group.  But it was pretty epic.

After over a month, I decided to LARP to get ready for GLARE.  I am very cool with Ellen being a side character.  She's not a big player, she's just doing her thing to help out everyone, specifically her fellow vampires who are of her covenant.  She was rewarded for her service to the city by obtaining domain over a significant part of Chicago.  Woot!

On Sunday I met (almost) everyone who is going to be in my campaign, and we'll be starting in late July/early August.  I am super excited.  I've got some people who obviously love to play a thoughtful game.  One guy made sure the rest of the players didn't have a clue what his class was so he could roleplay it out for the first game.  One guy is very smart about his items and his multi-classing, and I sense he'll be the strategist.  And I am bout to respond to another player's awesome backstory for his Wilder.  

All in all, this is going to be a fantastic continuation of the nerd hobby I love.  It's in a setting I've been working with forever and it looks like the balance I love of fighting and world interaction will stay in tact.

Now, to mange 6 players is going to be interesting.

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