May 31, 2011

The Nerd Couple, Episode Four

Due to Moving and Technical Issues, we're a bit late, but we haven't given up!

Every other week, hear the discussions of The Nerd Couple, starring d20 Sapphire and Mystic.  They discuss geeky news and topics, and approach it from our unique nerd upbringings.

This week: LARP experiences and sci-fi actor careers aside, we have a beef with Multiplayer in the videogame industry.  See how we think it's failed, and how it can be improved.  Awesome: Water on the Moon.  Not so awesome: Study linking agression and violent video games.  Biweekly B.S.: Review of the new Warhammer Space Marine. (Picture that annoyed d20 Sapphire forthcoming)

Special thanks to EsTeeKay of Binary Protege Productions for supplying the intro music, and for promising us video game remixes in the future. (He's off for the summer, he should have more time.)

Also thanks to Saki Kaska for making the song at the end of our podcast, Callista, which many have heard from the the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack.  Saki Kaska, if you see this, please link me to your site so more people can appreciate your awesome from the direct source.

Email for topic suggestions and feedback!  The Nerd Couple would love to hear from you.  

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