May 11, 2011

Why Can't My Video Games Be Movies?

Before anyone get's scared, I'm not suggesting we make a movie about any video game.  I'm talking about replay value.

I'm trying to go through another play through of Dragon Age II, with a good hearted warrior, and I'm finally at the point where I'm finding things to be repetitive.  Now it takes me longer than the average gamer to care about things repeating.  I played the original Dark Cloud over and over and that is nothing but repetitive hack and slash dungeon crawl.

How is that tunic enough protection?

But then again, I didn't feel the desire to replay this game.  Dragon Age II has some of the same pitfalls the original Dark Cloud did: dungeons that look the same, enemies you fought 2 minutes ago showing up again, not too much variation in fighting tactics as you level up or progression in party fighting style is slow.  Or at least that's how I feel now.  

Part of it may be that I played a mage the first time in DA2, which means there's a lot of variation in my battle decisions.  Choosing to be a warrior straight from that isn't as interesting.  It's less about the flash and more about the smack down.  Not that I don't like the smack down, but I think I've always been one to be a little more attracted to spectacle when it comes to fantasy fights.

However, that's not the problem.  The problem is I want to go through the game for the story and the characters and the choices I have to make, and the fighting feels like it's in the way!  Screw you coterie thug, I want to get to the dialog!  

I don't know if it's just me.  It's not like I want all the fighting gone.  Maybe if I had a fast forward version I could do when I beat the game the first time I'd be more satisfied with my experience now.  Then again, I'm not one to play Heavy Rain either.  I want a real video game.  Scratch that, I want a video game with violence.  We can debate the definition of "real video game" later.  I still want to kick ass though.  

And thus the title of this post.  Unfortunately I can't end with a solution, which I would prefer to do, but I'm afraid this is just me being a weird nerd.


  1. More games need to have better replay value!

  2. I completely understand. There is no way I'm ever going to replay some RPG with 150+ hours of "gameplay."

    Your post made me think of the Linear RPG:

  3. I know that feeling, i just hate it when you get not even END GAME but middle game or sometimes earlier and your already on auto pilot hacking away at every monster, seems hardly a challenge.

  4. When I read your blog post title, I thought it was all about video games turned into movies. Oh well, I am wrong about it. Anyway, what kind of video game with violence would you like to try. I am actually into playing Call of Duty and World f Warcraft now and I think both of them can be classified as violent video games.