May 18, 2011

Over 100 followers!

Oh man I am so honored guys.  When I started this blog I never imagined I would have so many awesome people reading and even enjoying this blog.  And now I notice I have OVER 100 FOLLOWERS!

With that, I'm glad to see how things have expanded.  We have the podcast with The Boyfriend, I have gotten more into the gender issues realm, and now I'm keeping up with more nerd news than ever.

With that, I promise more nerding on a consistent basis.

That is, if we survive May 21st.  Haven't you heard?  It's the coming of the Rapture.

So if we survive, I promise more consistent geek goodness.  If not... I'll provide it in the hereafter.  I'd feel bad breaking my promise.


  1. Congrats on the 100 followers!!

  2. heeey congrats on the big 100+ wow was I the lucky 100?

  3. Congratulations - I am hovering around the 34 mark myself, ad you must be doing something right to reach the Big Round Number.

  4. Congratulations on passing your centenary ... and you look not a day over ... erm, yes, well, um - great achievement.

    Just starting out myself with a magnificent seven. Early days. Keep up the good work, an enjoyable and fun read :o)