May 2, 2011

The Nerd Couple, Episode Three

Please excuse our lateness, but we appreciate you listening!  We're back with another episode.

Every other week, hear the discussions of The Nerd Couple, starring d20 Sapphire and Mystic.  They discuss geeky news and topics, and approach it from our unique nerd upbringings.

This week: When not discussing Enya and alien abductions, the nerd couple discusses how they approach RPGs.  How different are the roleplaying goals of d20sapphire and Mystic?  The answers and discussions may surprise you.  Awesome: Project Cafe.  Not so awesome: SETI array closing.  Biweekly B.S.: The recent failures of the Playstation Network incident.

Special thanks to EsTeeKay of Binary Protege Productions for supplying the intro music, and for promising us video game remixes in the future.

Also thanks to Saki Kaska for making the song at the end of our podcast, Callista, which many have heard from the the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack.  Saki Kaska, if you see this, please link me to your site so more people can appreciate your awesome from the direct source.

Email for topic suggestions and feedback!  The Nerd Couple would love to hear from you.  


  1. They were something I totally got obsessed with in grammar school. Watched alien investigation stuff on tv ALL the time.

  2. You Should Bring Mystic to LARP with us.


  3. Sorry for neglecting to post this, I forgot to get d20Sapphire the link: Link: Faces of Evil on CDi played by the crew:

    Also, I would like it noted I was mistaken at the end of the podcast, I had changed my steam password, but due to the automatic log-in I had forgotten that I had taken that action.

  4. You know there are multiple boffer groups around, with varying levels of fighting vs. RP. If you want some full-speed, full-impact foamfighting action, let me know, I'm can get you on a couple fields.