September 27, 2009

I'm now 23 and I now want CAKE!

I turn 23 today, and since yesterday I spent 14 hours with camarilla people which included LARPing and good food with good company I'm having a quiet birthday Sunday.  A nice dinner with family while me and The Boyfriend continue with Skies of Arcadia.  Totally chill.  I am getting together with friends at home next weekend so that's pretty much when cool stuff will happen.

But for the years that I actually do want a spectacular birthday bonanza, I think I am going to consider some of these cake ideas.  What do you guys think?

Resistance is futile.  Your birthday will be celebrated.

Cakes that I wish I could find included ones for Bioshock, Mass Effect, and the Sims 3.  Has anyone seen one of those?

And if you want a good cake blog, go to cake wrecks.  It's hysterical to see the bad cakes during the week , but on Sundays the blog showcases great work.  And they have a book of wrecks out right now, and they're on tour for it!  Go go go!


  1. Wow! That dragon cake is amazing!

  2. That Dragon cake is...there are no words, except...
    It rocks so hard! I would adore a cake like that.
    The dragon would have to be purple though.

  3. LadyLin, I love the idea of a purple dragon. Why aren't more of them around?