September 28, 2009

This guy knows something we don't.

A friend of mine in law school showed me this link about a man named Dalton Chiscolm.  Seemingly ordinary man (with an unordinary name) filing an extraordinary lawsuit to Bank of America...

for 1.784 sextillon dollars american.

How much is that?  Well it's 1.784 billion, trillion.  If I think I type it out correctly, numerically is looks like this:

1 784 000 000 000 000 000 000

That is a ton of zeros.  This is the kind of number you make up when you a kid and you decide you want to be a bajillionaire, and you have to write out how much money you'll have, so you just put a bunch of zeros at the end of some random number like 1,784.

One of the problems with suing Bank of America for this much is that the world itself only produces 60 trillion in GDP.  There is no physical way (other than printing money and devaluing everything to ridiculous prices) that Bank of America can pay this.

Unless... Bank of America has holding on other worlds across the cosmos.  But how is that possible?

Then I realized that Mr. Chiscolm must know something very dangerous, a dark secret that Bank of America has to hide.  You see, the only way that this is possible is that the CEO of BoA is...



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