September 19, 2009

YARR! Talk Lik'a Pirate Day it be.

Me land lovin' self ain't talk enough lik'a pirate t'day.  Although these sea fairin' theives be the terrorists of their day, I be appreciatin' them t'day. So t'day's post be in pirate speak.  Yarr!

If ye be annoyed by this here post, walk the plank!

If ye like 'umor involving pirates, ye should be readin' Savage Chickens.  Th' artist is a pirate lover 'imself, and a great captain to his... ship on the seas of web comics!  Arr!

Here be a comic t'appreciate.

If ye seek more of pirates and savage chickens, look no further than here.

I wish ye all smooth sailin' fer the rest of yer evenin' and calm seas the rest of yer weekend.  Arr!

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