September 2, 2009

Tetris made me smarter!

A study showed that adolescent girls playing Tetris for a three month period or more had brain matter growth and increased efficiency.  

When I was an adolescent girl I played Tetris.

Obviously that means video games have made me smarter.  

I will now force Tetris on my children so that they grow up to be evil geniuses!  YES!  

Okay no it doesn't work like that.  But that is awesome to find out.  If I had time I would see if there were the same results for adults since their brains are more developed, but alas I am busy doing other things.

Like getting ready for a job fair and an interview tomorrow. WOOT!  Things are looking up in the income department.  I should say the future income department.

1 comment:

  1. Tetris rules.
    Have you played the version on Nintendo DS? Awesome mashup of the classic game and classic Nintendo games. Very keen.