September 4, 2009

The Sexbox: the key to humanity's downfall.

Alright, I know that adult toys are fine and dandy, but god dammit, there's now a console that only plays Adult Only rated games.  And it's called the Sexbox.

Jeez, talk about a horrible pun.  Also, it's a little to easy to see what kind of market they're trying to go for.

I  don't understand how one could make that medium the right kind of interactive that you'd need to fully enjoy the experience.  Then again, do I want to know?  I probably don't.

Also, I think this is probably something more geared toward men, but I could see the console selling well to women too.  The theory is that women are more stimulated by fantasies then by visual aids.  Maybe this can help the fantasy be realized.

Alright, I've discussed this topic enough.  Not like I would ever buy anything called the Sexbox anyway.  They could've at least thought of a better pun!


  1. I hope it comes with controllers that can be operated one-handed or a lot of owners will lose there game over and over. LOL!

  2. Wow..Thats a pretty far stretch. I wonder if they'll make this internet accessible with multiplayer games. *Shudder*