October 29, 2010

Cyberpunk Costume Update

It's almost Halloween and I barely got this thing going at all before yesterday!

The Boyfriend was a super help in being crafty and assembling stuff, along with helping me cannibalize much of his old equipment.  With that, I am going to post some pictures of what I have so far.  I would love to add more but this might be it for this year.  Next year I will build on this design.

So the first thing I worked on was the glove.

I took a black glove and took off the finges, add some the inside elements of a keyboard to the glove and then added the wires.  I wanted it to look like my fingers had some input as well as buttons on my glove. I added the wire to go up my sleeve so that way it looked like it connected to my body.

Up close and personal.
I just with I had a detail brush or something for the fabric glue, which is shiny and makes everything look bad.  I'm a little sloppy when it comes to crafts like this.  Unless it's props for a show.  Then it is something I definitely go the extra mile for.  This was just something that I thought would be cool and fun to do.

Now the goggles.

Her you can see them with the wires.  At first I tried to glue some circuit board capacitors to the edges but that didn't work.  I also didn't get some LEDs like I wanted to but I hadn't given myself the time to get some.  However, the Boyfriend had some other cool stuff to add to the goggles.

I took parts from a broken webcam and attached them to the right side of the goggles.  I put one of the button parts from the keyboard and put it on my goggles so I could ad something to it later.  Maybe buttons without holes or something like that, maybe paint it.  I put a little external wire to make it stand out more.

And I also have a while from that side that will actually plug into the right side of...

the vest.  It took forever to find any kind of cheap clothing that I would be willing to glue random stuff over, but this had the right material, even if I don't like the white button.

Here's the point of interest on the vest, with some old connectors.  Again the keyboard parts show up, along with a couple cards of RAM and some cable for flair.  I forget what the connections for that lower left thing is but it helps bring a lot of the costume some life.

Here's the whole thing together.  Not super impressive but it gets the idea across.

And here is the cord of the goggles connected to the vest, but of course since everything's black you can't really see it.

I think I may put some more stuff on it today or tomorrow, but I think for randomly hunkering down without much of a plan and very limited budget, I think I did pretty well. Ninety percent of this was done yesterday, and once again I want to proclaim to the world I have the best boyfriend, who delayed working on stuff for his company to help me piece together all of this.  He even filed things down and used "dangerous" equipment to help get things apart.  It was fun to do together.

We'll see where this goes, as times goes on I may work on this to make it better for next year.


  1. For the buttons, you could use black paint, or even nail-polish. Just rub them down with nail-polish remover first, and and the colour should stay on relatively good.

    It would be fun to see a picture of the full costume with a person inside.

  2. Very cool. I'm going as a chaperone (teen kids).