October 20, 2010

Quick Question for the Masses.

My writing for my trilogy is going slow.  Was able to quickly type out two chapters, and ending the one I'm on now is hard.  But I'm suddenly re-inspired by my DeWitt on Titania blurb I did.  And for once, I'm hoping I'll get a response from you guys.

Would you, my dear readers, like to read more about this universe?

I may have an idea in the works which would be more immediate satisfaction for you, dear readers. Please let me know if you would at least like to see more.  If you don't want to comment here, email me at d20sapphire AT gmail DOT com.

And for those of you who respond--thanks.  I appreciate it.


  1. I enjoyed the dour little story - I am by nature and nurture a dour personality myself. However, I don't know that the world portrayed lends itself to longer or more involved stories. It is difficult to articulate why, exactly, except to say it feel like too little happens to justify a longer story and turning into some action roller-coaster so things do happens does not feel true to the story so far.

  2. I can totally understand that. It's possible that what I'm seeing in the Titania world is so different since I have only recently thought of what I can do with it, and my story on a whim was very succinct and short since I hadn't thought of half of that stuff.

    I have a project in mind, maybe I'll just do it and see what happens.

  3. I just started reading here, so I can't say that I rally have an opinion- but I'm always willing to encourage a writer struggling with their art/

  4. I was not trying to discourage you, but you did ask my opinion. It is good to have ideas, they give you a goal to pursue and tools to get there.

  5. Don't worry, it wasn't discouraging at all. In fact it just let me know that if I want to do the idea I was thinking of doing, I have to make it more compelling. So I'll work on that. Thanks for the input! :)

  6. I'll give it a read. I think you have my @.