October 9, 2010

Promoting Cool Projects: Diary of a Job Seeker

I remember telling you all about a playing reading that I had in April, and the guy who directed it was Jeremy Lee Cudd.  He's a brilliant guy.  He was able to see things in the very raw first draft of my text that I hadn't even known I put in their as a writer.  The reading went extremely well, and to be honest Jeremy is one of the reasons I'm forcing myself to write so much more.  He and the cast of that reading showed me that there is a world out there that appreciates exactly what I want to put out there.

In turn, I think a lot of people are going to appreciate Jeremy's latest project: Diary of a Job Seeker.  Only the first episode is out but it's proving to be funny and honest.  Watch it here.  I'm not going to embed the episode because I want people to remember where he's going to post the next one.

As I said, he's brilliant.  I'm hoping that with you guys taking a gander on his great show.  It's my way of showing him thanks for all the hard work he did when he did the reading for my play.  So go watch it!

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