October 8, 2010

Stuff I May Need For My Halloween Costume.

Before it gets too late, I need to start thinking about my Halloween costume, and how to wear it.

The idea is that Proptart is going as ateampunk and I will go as cyberpunk.  Cyberpunk has many manifestations, usually describing a world rather than a particular costume.  I'm writing out what I need here so that I can figure out what I need to do in the next 20 days.  I'm hoping to make it relatively simple.

Here's some pictures that I think are closer to my idea of what I want to do.

P.S., if anyone knows where to credit these pictures, let me know.  The internet has a bunch of art stealing jerks who don't credit the work.  

I am probably not going to do anything super intense, but something I can hopefully put on again and again because I like the idea of being in cyberpunk clothing just because I can.  I know, I'm weird, but that's what makes this blog interesting.

I'm thinking of using some goggles I have and attaching some LEDs to it, also attaching some wires to the sides so I can have them adhere to my neck.  Maybe get a cheap glove and put some buttons on it.  Might also put something right under the nape of my neck, to keep it freaky.  

Right now, things I have to help include: Goggles, old computer parts, black clothing I look good in, time this upcoming week.

Things I need: Wires, LEDs, costume skin adhesives.  

I will take pictures of some of the progress.   


  1. If I may suggest, try visiting some local small computer repair shop and see if they are willing to give (or sell cheep) you some old and unused materials.

  2. You totally can suggest! I will, and maybe see if any of them have tools for cutting stuff into smaller bits that are easy to glue.