April 1, 2009

I have seen the light

For the longest time I have been bashing the 4.0 system. It has been the bane of my existence for a while. And many people have agreed with me in my assessment.

But maybe I've been unfair. Looking over the book again (which I bought on a whim today, realizing the genius behind the system) I realized that I can not fault a system that has decided to become more economical in its battle system and more efficient in skills. It makes gameplay faster, meaning I can beat up monster after monster faster, and I will be able to level up to the most pumped up badass Warlock ever.

And to be honest, there is something a lot more efficient in these multiple versions of the Player's Handbook. Not like I was going to spend my money on anything Wizard's didn't make, right? I might as well spend it all on tons of books full of characters that are all streamlined to make the toughest ass-kickers around.

All my complaints about setting are completely unfounded. It doesn't matter really right? If I'm fighting a beholder in a lava pit it's no different than fighting it in the forest or underground in a lair right? That's all setting's good for, so why am I worried about it?

Lastly, how can you not trust an RPG that has such a pretty cover design? It's like they took Mac's style and made it for D&D. That obviously means it's top quality.

Tomorrow I'm telling my PCs that we're switching to 4.0, I'll find a way. Mark today as the day when I have seen the light. 4.0 is the FUTURE! Those who say otherwise are obviously too stuck in the past.


  1. *sigh* if only this wasn't an April Fools joke I might get my monies worth from buying 4.0

  2. Please, please tell me this is an April Fool's joke...

  3. I really don't get this anti 4.0 mentality... it's like me owning an Xbox 360 and someone owning a PS3, but they refuse to play a Multi-platform game I own for the 360 when they come over because we're not playing on a PS3... doesn't matter if it's a great game, it's just not my fanboy fav system... you can create the exact same campaign in 3.5 or 4.0, just the controls have changed, adapt or be left behind.

  4. No, your analogy sucks. It's like they ported the game over, but now it's only got a one button controller, the graphics are in EGA and the system constantly demands you buy expensive peripherals. 4.0 now has all the depth of Atari's Adventure. If I want to play tabletop miniatures rules, I'll play Warhammer or Blood Bowl.

  5. For the last @^%*ing time, YOU DO NOT NEED MINIATURES! There is depth to 4.0, it is just a different depth than the old-timey purists want.