April 11, 2009

Some tidbits here and there.

First, let's pay respects to Dave Arneson.  *moment of silence*


*sound of rolling dice*

What?  Don't you think he would've wanted it this way?

Anyway,  my favorite tribute to this great D&D contributor is by the guys over at Order of the Stick.  Great web comic, especially if you like D&D stories that constantly break the fourth wall.  

Second, this great Bioshock II gameplay video is out for all my fellow Bioshock fans.  I loved the story of the first game, and although I won't go as far to say the game is perfect, it is a solid game for the 360 that kept you thinking the entire time.  It, along with games like Mass Effect and Zelda: Twilight Princess, are the reason why sometimes I delve into an adventure game if I want some good literature.  

Third, my game at school is ending fast, and I'm realizing I'm too nice of a DM.  Any tips on how to fix this?

Fourth, in an example on how not to market a game, EA sent a promo package to notable game reviewers and news places that was pretty sweet.  Except for the very illegal brass knuckles.  That's right, brass knuckles.  As a person who likes a good public relations stunt, I have to admit this is too far.  Sure, Godfather II is gritty and violent, which makes it fun.  The thing that keeps it fun is that it's fictional, and no one is attempting to beat someone in the head in real life to be like a Don in the movies or the games.  Brass knuckles in a box definitely make it real.

EA was smart enough to offer to take them back, making sure no one got in trouble with the law for this promo package.  I guess this begs the question: who's making these brass knuckles in the first place?


  1. What do you mean by "too nice"?
    I've been part of several campaigns that ended when the DM/GM moved away. Sometimes there was an attempt to carry on the campaign with a new GM, and this never worked out well. The nice thing to do, is end the campaign is a memorable way.

  2. What I mean by too nice is that I don't want them to die. It's weird, I've taken on a maternal feeling for my PCs, rather than the idea that I should try to destroy them.