April 20, 2009

Sims 2 and RPGs

As an avid RPG fan (who will be more avid once she has time to enjoy them on the weekends) I love seeing the characters I create in certain systems come to life.  A lot of the time that means playing the character in game.  This is always fun.  However, I use one of my other loves, the Sims 2, to bring them to life.

Earlier this year I uninstalled all my sims 2 stuff in hopes of fixing a problem that merely needed a patch from the Aspyr website.  Major fail on my part.  So I decided instead of trying to redo the same town all over again (it was glorious let me tell you, I miss those sims) to make a new town with characters I have created, a lot of them from RPGs, though some from stories and plays I have written.  I have only added a few as of now, but here are the RPG based ones.

The Vidrigez Family

The Vidrigez family is based on the two bad guys that are the center of the plot in my D&D campaign right now.  The characters names in the D&D game are Aust and Jezalin, but in the Sims 2 I made them Austin and Jessica.  In both D&D and in the Sims, these two are madly in love with each other, and madly in love with power.  In the sims I made them fortune sims, so the ambition to get to the top is there.  I haven't supplemented their income with cheats so they're going to have to bust ass.  They both look weird but are attractive in a strange way, so I'm hoping to get some pictures of their kids as soon as they get pregnant.  Also, Jessica, unlike her D&D counterpart, does not possess the hand and eye of Vecna.

Little factoid: sims don't have kids unless you tell them to try, and then there is an 80% chance they will get pregnant.  Failing that three times in a row in practically impossible, but Jessica and Austin did.  I'm afraid I have a sim that's shooting blanks!

The Cornwell Family

The Cornwell's are based on the royal family of the second biggest kingdom in my D&D campaign.  The PCs are essentially employed by them, and are rewarded handsomely for dealing with tons of Yuan-ti and Undead that wouldn't like anything more than to see this family wiped out.  The family in the game is very different than what you see here.  Here you see the King Franklin (Frank in the Sims), his Queen Katherine, their first and only son Ewan, their daughter Elish, and their youngest twin daughters Fiona and Faoiltiarna.  Believe it or not, Faoiltiarna is a real, Irish name.  

The D&D NPC counterparts aren't quite as happy of a family right now.  All the kids are adults, well except for Ewan who died because of his horrible drug habits and such.  The King died due to a horrible cancer that the healers didn't catch until too late.  Elish is now the first reigning Queen, and is dealing with a bloody war (against Vidrigez) along with sexism amongst the nobility in her own Kingdom.  Fiona and Faoiltiarna are more background characters, though Faoiltiarna did get kidnapped once, but was then saved by my PCs.  And one PC is hoping to marry Queen Elish after defeating King Aust.  

Since Katherine is a family sim, I'm sure there will be more siblings coming along.  I just don't know how many more Irish names I can find!

The Scott Family

This family is actually based on one character I played in an Unknown Armies game. Nairobi Scott was actually channelling the Avatar of the Mother (for those of you who don't know, read the Unknown Armies book, it's a fantastic setting.)  She was a foster mother doing it all on her own and loved kids.  She didn't think she could have kids anymore so she decided to be a foster parent, and also worked with kids in a high class day care facility.  She LOVED taking care of kids.  She wanted to make sure every one of them had a good home.  In game she stayed single, all while figuring out about the occult underground while trying to achieve a sense of normalcy in her house.  That didn't work out so well.  In this game she's dating and looking for a man.  That is hard.  Especially since as soon as she's married she's going to want a LOT of kids.  

I may post more about the happenings of these families over time, but this isn't going to become a sims legacy blog or anything like that.  Especially when I get back home and I start to play more on The Boyfriend's 360.  I may not be good at FPSs, but damn are they fun.

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  1. Wow. For some reason, this feels nerdier to me than just about any other method of getting character pics.