April 29, 2009

What's in my nexus

Tonight, with some nerd people at school, I watched Star Trek Generations.  It's not the best Star Trek movie, but it's got it's moments.  One big plot point made me wonder.

Spoilers for a movie that came out in 1993.

The goal of the evil scientist Sauron is to get this nexus ribbon of infinite happiness to him efficiently, regardless of who has to die in the process.  He's even willing to destroy solar systems to this end.  At one part of the movie he does succeed and Picard, who has been dreaming of carrying the family line recently, gets pulled into the Nexus as well.  Here's part of that sequence if you would like to take a gander.  

Picard not only gets the family he wants, but gets to see the nephew that just died in the beginning of the movie (Renee) alive and well.  In this nexus, you are in a heaven that goes forwards and backwards in time.  You can go and do (or even redo) everything you've ever done or wish to do.  You can also exit the nexus into whatever time period you want.  Picard does the honorable thing and goes back with help to save the Enterprise and a solar system, instead of staying with the family of his dreams.

This turns into a great question: What is in your nexus?  What would you be reliving or doing in your personal time-traveling heaven?

Me personally?  I think I would have it so my maternal grandfather was alive and well, and that I was able to talk to him, and hear him share his stories.  I never got to know him but I know he's a big reason why I am the way I am today, and due to his lack in health late in his life I never got to know him.  I would go back and have all the time I know I'm missing out of from someone who would've been a wonderful grandfather.  I might even go to before I was born to see some of the great things he did around the civil rights movement in chicago, and then go forward again in time to ask him questions about it specifically.

What about you all?  Apparently a good number of you read this, so what would be your nexus?  Email me (d20sapphire@gmail.com) what your nexus would be and I will post the answers up on the next blog, anonymously if you want me to.  Keep in mind it's not just what your heaven would be, but what your heaven would be if you would jump forward or back in time.

I'm excited to see what people respond with!  

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