April 22, 2009

They jiggle!

I'm not a stickler for graphics in video games, and this video shows partly why.

Note: They took down the video on gametrailers.com, and I can't find the footage anywhere else.  As soon as I find it again, there will be another video/link.

I have no problem with Batman kicking ass in the upcoming Arkham Asylum game, I have every problem with the way the baddies jiggle as soon as they fall.  The realistic graphics look great until the insane inmates wiggle like jello on a china plate.  The illusion is gone!  Sometimes I wish there was no attempt at making games as realistic as possible, because it's almost impossible to given what we have.  I can be immersed in a game without the action happening on my tv look like the real world.  And despite how hard developers try, it never looks quite real anyway.

However, I do like their modernization of Harley Quinn.  And the game looks like it has potential to be pretty sweet.  Just those friggin' rag doll mechanics look awful to me.  

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